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Olive Oil

The olive grove is located in the northeast of the property with approximately 500 olive trees some of them older than 100 years. The particular micro-climate with high temperatures favours the production of a very high quality olive oil that is valued mainly for its low acid content.

The steepness of the terraces in this area make automatic farming impossible. Therefore, in November, the olives are shaken by hand from the trees as in the past and taken to the oil mill on the same day.

On the ground floor of the property is the oil storage room. There Giovanni Cavalzani is happy to explain the individual steps of the production and let you try the unique oil. Of course, you can also buy this product from your vacation home.

Raccolto Olio Oliva
Olio Oliva Raccolto
Olive Toscana Italy
Frantoio Olio Oliva
Olio Oliva Toscano
Olio Oliva Italia